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Retscreen AS provides a new regular retinal examination to detect retinopathy in patients with diabetes mellitus. The system is designed with a central call-in unit located in Bodø. The system is connected to digital retina cameras in Bodø, Svolvær, Sortland, Narvik and Mo i Rana. Patients with diabetes in Lofoten, Vesterålen, Ofoten and Rana get access to local follow-ups without needing a long examination trip.

According to current medical guidelines, all patients are to receive retinal imaging follow-ups throughout their lifetime.

In case of no or few changes in the retinas, the control interval will be every two years. In case of slightly increased changes, this will be shortened to an annual interval. In case of significant changes, patients are removed from the photosystem and referred for an extended examination by an ophthalmologist.


Referrals should be directed to:

Electronic via EPJ/NHN: Retscreen AS
HER-id: 150845
Category: Eye Diseases
Retscreen AS, Sjøgt. 21, 8006 Bodø.
Standard Referral Template
Patient with diabetes type X diagnosed in xxxx. Referred for regular retinal examination according to current guidelines.
Currently undergoing treatment with tablets/insulin/both.
Latest HbA1c (% or mmol/mol).
Latest blood pressure (important for assessing the risk of developing retinopathy)
What should the referral include?
Type of diabetes
Medication for diabetes management (tablets/insulin)
Latest HbA1c (% or mmol/mol)
Blood pressure (important for assessing the risk of developing retinopathy)


We will provide feedback on the grading findings by sending an electronic epicrisis to the referring physician/institution. The patient will receive feedback on findings and the expected interval until the next call in a text message.

Patient Payment

Retinal examinations will trigger a deductible for the patient. This is covered by the “Frikort” regulation.