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Your eyes with diabetes – our responsibility!
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For patients

All patients with diabetes should receive retinal imaging follow-up according to current medical guidelines throughout their lives.

In the absence of significant retinal changes, the monitoring interval will be every 2 years.

For minor changes, the interval will be shortened to annually.

In the case of significant changes, patients will be referred out of the imaging system for further evaluation by a specialist in eye diseases.

How does this work?

You will be referred to us for regular follow-up by your general practitioner or from your internal medicine department.

You will receive a text message with info about your appointment, location, date, and time approximately one month before your scheduled appointment. You will also receive a reminder via text message the day before your appointment. We will schedule your retinal imaging appointment for both eyes (1 image per eye) at the location nearest to you geographically. You only need to show up at the designated location. There, you will meet trained personnel who will capture images of both your eyes. Please remember to bring identification (bank card, driver's license, etc.) with you.

Change appointment
If you need to change your appointment, please let us know well in advance. You can do this either by email or by calling us during our telephone hours Monday to Thursday between 0830-1500 at: +47 91 92 27 70

The examination takes about 10 minutes. You can then go home or back to work as usual. You can drive to and from the examination.

BThe images will be reviewed by trained personnel/specialists in eye diseases/ automatic machine grading within a few days.

You will then receive a text message about the photos' findings and when to expect the subsequent photo examination. Usually, you need a new appointment after 1 or 2 years.

If there are significant changes or the images cannot be assessed satisfactorily, you will be referred for examination by your nearest ophthalmologist. We will notify you about this.

I received an SMS after the review of my photos. What does it mean?

All patients must pay a deductible for the examination. You will receive a text message with a link to pay by card or giro. How to pay with your phone.

Frikort (Card of exemption)
These examinations are included in the "frikort"-regulation. You don't need to pay if you have reached the limit for a "frikort". We have a record of this information, and you do no need to present documentation during the photography session.